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2016 Geelong Athletics Cross Country Season - Round 6, Zillah Crawcour Reserve, Sunday 3rd July - Program here
AV Winter Season (Geelong Regional XC Team) - Sandown Road Relays (6.2k, 6.2k, 3.1k), Saturday 9th July

Geelong Athletics 2015 Cross Country Round 5, Eastern Park, Sunday 26th June
(Full Results) (Full details & program)
Report by Karen Wekwerth

Round 5 of the 'De Grandi Cycle & Sport' Cross Country season was held at Eastern Gardens incorporating the 'Steigen' Geelong Athletics Cross Country Championships with a choice of either 3kms or 6kms. 28 competitors tackled the slippery course in cold but dry conditions.

In the 3km event, Christopher Waters was the first junior male in 13.28 while Rebecca Waters was the first junior female to complete the course in 13.59. The first senior male was Christian Davies in 13.14 and Tess Kirsop-Cole was the first senior female in 15.03.

In the 6km event, Alister Ward was the first senior male in 28.08 and Sarah Waters was the first senior female in 26.26.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, our major sponsor De Grandi Cycle & Sport, Subway, Geelong Bowling Lanes and Steigen. Their support is greatly appreciated. We would also like to thank our volunteers, without your help, there would be no race.

Next week's run will be held at Zillah Crawcour Reserve with a choice of 3kms and 6kms. For those not registered with Athletics Victoria you are still welcome to run.  For more information on our runs, check our Facebook page.

Steigen Cross Country Championships

Women U/16 - Rebecca Waters (Dkn) 13.59, Skye Ellis (Chil) 14.40
Women U/20 - Rachel Waters (Dkn) 14.17, Jess Rowsthorn (Chil) 17.54
Men U/16 - Christopher Waters (Dkn) 13.28
Women Open - Sarah Waters (Dkn) 26.26
Women 40+ - Carolyn Scott (Chil) 28.15
Men 40+ - Alister Ward (Chil) 29.08

'Steigen' XC Championships medallists
Rebecca Waters (Dkn) U16 Gold, Skye Ellis (Chi) U16 Silver Rachel Waters (Dkn) U20 Gold, Jessie Rowsthorn (Chi) Silver
Christopher Waters (Dkn) U16 Gold
Alister Ward (Chi) 40+ Gold Sarah Waters (Dkn) Open Gold
Carolyn Scott Chi) 40+ Gold

2016 Australian Open Track & Field Championships, held in Sydney

Congratulations to the following Geelong Athletics athletes in winning medals at the Australian Championships held in Sydney, March 31st - April 3rd

Gold Medallist
Kirstie Newcombe (Chi) T/F 38, 800m Ambulant 2.56.69
Kirstie Newcombe (Chi) T/F 38, 1500m Ambulant 6.04.36
Silver Medallists
Eliesha Byrt (GG) T/F 20, 800m Ambulant 2.40.07
Eliesha Byrt (GG) T/F 20, 1500m Ambulant 5.32.51
Richard Colman (Chi) T53, 1500m wheelchair 3.26.64
Andrew Semmens (Bel) T/F20, 800m 2.05.4
Bronze Medallists
Samuel McIntosh (Bel) 100m wheelchair 18.00
Jemima Moore (Chi) T54, 100m wheelchair 18.74
Jemima Moore (Chi) T54 1500m wheelchair 4.20.16
Andrew Semmens (Bel) T/F20 400m Ambulant 52.96

Geelong athletes star at the Australian Junior Championships

Geelong Athletics athletes aged from Under 14 to Under 20, from the various Geelong clubs, collected a total of 13 gold medals, 9 silver and 5 bronze, at the Australian Junior Athletics Championships, held in Perth from the 9th - 13th March.

GOLD MEDALLISTS - MEN (in alphabetical order)
Lachlan Barber (Chi) U20, 800m 1.49.0 World Junior Qualifier
Hayden Burns (Chi) U14, Pole Vault 2.75m
Oliver Courtnay (Chi) U15, Discus 49.76m
Oliver Courtnay (Chi) U15, Shot put 14.77m
Christian Davis (Cor) U18, 800m 1.52.06
Parker Lawrence (Chi) U16, 400m 50.47
Harvey Murrant (GG) U18, 400m Hurdles 53.94
Abbey Badrock (Chi) U18, 400m Hurdles 62.27
Mia Gross (GG) U16, 100m 12.19
Mia Gross (GG) U16, 200m 24.27
Tess Kirsopp-Cole (GG) U18, 400m 55.50
Abbey Krippl (Chi) U14, Long Jump 5.28m
Mackenzie Mielczarek (Cor) U14, Javelin 39.55m
Isaac Hockey (Chi) U20, 1500m 3.52.80
Will Jarman (Chi) U14, High Jump 1.60m
Parker Lawrence (Chi) U17, 200m 22.23
Nick O'Brien (Chi) U14, 800m 2.11.64
Joshua Perdrisat (GG) U18, 200m 21.96
Brandon Richmond-Craig (GG) U15, 200m 23.19

Abbey Badrock (Chi) U18, 100m Hurdles, 13.98
Olivia Gross (GG) U15, Pole Vault 2.85m
Maya Pundij (Cor) U14, 80m Hurdles 12.79
Joshua Perdrisat (GG) U18, 400m 48.16
Jacob Sesar (Cor) U18, 200m 21.97
Cassidy Bradshaw (Chi) U14, Pole Vault 2.45m
Heidi Demeo (Chi) U17, 1500m 4.30.01
Heidi Demeo (Chi) U17 800m 2.08.41


*****Geelong Championships Results are here*****


Proudly supported by
  Geelong's Gym
Full results and run images

Bellarine Athletics wishes to thank all those who came out and had a run today over the 5km 4 Bridges Fun Run and also Rebel Sports store for their ongoing generous support and our new sponsor Geelong’s Gym.

The run today along the banks and crossing the scenic Barwon River starting and finishing in Fyans Park was conducted in ideal conditions. It is always wonderful to see families taking part in this event and as can be seen below, people of all ages and abilities. We hope you truly enjoyed the run and are happy with your results.

Thanks also to our Club volunteers who helped out this morning.

2015-2016 'McDonald & Co. Real Estate' Twilight Trot Handicap and Trophy Presentations at Eastern Park, Monday 7th March
(Full Details & Calendar) (Full Results)

Report by Geoff McDonald

The 2015/2016 season of the Geelong Athletics Twilight Trot sponsored by McDonald & Co Real Estate finished on Monday evening with the running of the Joyce Lockyer Memorial 4400m handicap run for seniors on the exercise track at Eastern Park. There was also a 2200m run for juniors and other participants who had not qualified for the handicap races had a choice of one or two laps of the course.

The senior two lap handicap run for the Joyce Lockyer Memorial was won by Joanna MacCarthy running off scratch. A very excited Joanna beat her personal best time by 2mins 27 secs to win followed by fast finishing Anthony Leigh and Jill Gillies both of whom also ran pb’s.

Joanna MacCarthy
Joyce Lockyer Trophy winner

In the junior one lap handicap run newcomer this season Nina McLachlan had an easy win followed by Claudia Paul and James Richardson. Nina broke her personal best time by 1.52mins.

The fastest time over two laps was achieved by Simon Blight with 15.38 followed by arch rival Craig Scott with 15.39.

Geelong Athletics wishes to thank its sponsors for their support, the Geelong Advertiser and Geelong News for publishing the report and the people of the Geelong community who attended the Trot and made it once again a great success.

End of Season Award Winners
Girls U 9 – Winner – Rose Jones. Runner Up – Tegan Zurawel
Girls U13 –Winner – Claudia Paul. R/U – Bethany Dean
Women 13- 39yrs-Winner – Maddie Leigh. R/U – Gemma Hill
Women 40 + Winner – Patti Galvin. R/U – Shannon Leigh

Boys 9 & Under– Winner – Martin Dean. R/U – Flynn Hockley–Samon
Boys 10 – 12 – Winner – Bailey Harvey. R/U – Harry Leigh
Men 13 – 29 – Winner – Mark Harvey. R/U –Robbie Parsons
Men 30 – 39 – Winner- Andrew Meyers. R/U – Dan Wright
Men 40 – 49 – Winner – Craig Scott. R/U – Anthony Leigh
Men 50+ - Winner David Simpson R/U – Geoff Wiffen

Joyce Lockyer Memorial Trophy Winner- Joanna MacCarthy

Bellarine Fun Run Entry Form is here

2016 Victorian Open & AWD Championship, 26-28 February at Lakeside Stadium

 Congratulations to all the Geelong athletes who won medals at the 2016 AV Championships.

GOLD Medallists - Men (alphabetical order)
Aaron Bird (Chi) 1500m Ambulant 4.39.88
Damien Birkinhead (Cor) Shot Put 20.68m
Richard Colman (Chi) 1500m Wheelchair 3.56.08
Martin Jackson (Chi) Discus Ambulant 33.40m
Martin Jackson (Chi) Shot Put Ambulant 11.32m
Andrew Semmens (Bel) 400m Ambulant 53.62
Andrew Semmens (Bel) 800m Ambulant 2.04.69

GOLD Medallists - Women
Jemima Moore (Chi) 100m Wheelchair 19.09
Kirstie Newcombe (Chi) 400m Ambulant 71.12
Kirstie Newcombe (Chi) 800m Ambulant 2.54.69
Kirstie Newcombe (Chi) 1500m Ambulant 6.02.34
Coreena Van Der Klooster (Dkn) 3,000m Steeplechase 10.39.1

SILVER Medallists - Men
Aaron Bird (Chi) 800m Ambulant 2.14.41
Richard Colman (Chi) 100m Wheelchair 16.50
Sean Marshman (Chi) 400m Hurdles, 54.50
Nigel Skurrie (Chi) Hammer 52.52m

SILVER Medallists - Women
Eliesha Byrt (GG) 1500m Ambulant 69.28
Natalie Debeljuh (Cor) Hammer 56.36m

BRONZE Medallists - Men
Aaron Bird (Chi) 400m 59.29

BRONZE Medallists - Women
Eliesha Byrt (GG) 800m 2.40.48
Natalie Debeljuh (Cor) Discus 41.96m

 Huge haul of medals for Geelong athletes at the 2016 Victorian Junior Track & Field Championships

Geelong's five athletic clubs tasted success at the 2016 Victorian Junior Track & Field Championships at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park at the weekend. This was a good lead up for some athletes in preparation for the 2016 Australian Track & Field Championships in Perth, in March. Geelong clubs returned with a total of 73 medals, 34 gold, 19 silver and 20 bronze.

RESULTS (names in alphabetical order)

MEN GOLD Medallists
Lachlan Barber (Chi) U20, 800m 1.49.26 (World junior qualifier)
Hayden Burns (Chi) U14, Pole Vault 2.60m
Lachlan Burns (Chi) U20, Pole Vault 4.55m
Oliver Courtnay (Chi) U15, Shot Put 15.72m
Oliver Courtnay (Chi) U15, Discus 49.94m
Christian Davis (Cor) U18. 400m 49.16
Christian Davis (Cor) U18, 800m 1.52.48
Nghia (Jack( Ha (GG) U14, 100m 12.57
Parker Lawrence (Chi) U17, 400m 49.07
Liam Mullen (Chi) U16,Long Jump 6.32m
Harvey Murrant (GG) U18, 400 Hurdles 53.79
Nick O'Brien (Chi) U14, 800m 2.15.48
Hamish Poulter (Chi), U14, 200m 26.03
Brandon Richmond-Craig (GG( U15, 200m 24.02
Lucas Shugg (Dkn) U20, 3,000m Steeple 9.43.75
Max Simovic (Chi) U16, Javelin 44.63m

WOMEN GOLD Medallists
Abbey Badrock (Chi) U18, 400m Hurdles 1.03.28
Lily Bayes (GG) U18, 200m 25.15
Georgie Boal (GG) U20, 200m 24.97
Cassidy Bradshaw (Chi) U14, Pole Vault 2.30m
Heidi Demeo (Chi) U17, 1500m 4.37.79
Mia Gross (GG) U16, 200m 24.89
Mia Gross (GG) U16, 400m 56.14
Mia Gross (GG) U16, 100m 12.25
Olivia Gross (GG) U15, Pole Vault 2.50m
Mia Higgins (Chi) U14, High Jump 1.58m
Olivia Hobbs (Chi) U16, 3,000m 10.15.73
Tess Kirsopp-Cole (GG) U18, 400m 55.97
Abbey Krippl (Chi) U14, 80m Hurdles 13.20
Abbey Krippl (Chi) U14, Triple Jump 10.44
Leah Krippl (Chi) U16, Triple Jump 11.04m
Mackenzie Mielczarek (Cor) U14, Shot Put 10.07m
Mackenzie Mielczarek (Cor) U14, Javelin 34.95m
Jessikah Tidd (Cor) U14, Hammer 29.02m

MEN SILVER Medallists
Ben Hawkins (Chi) U20, Javelin 50.84m
Will Jarman (Chi) U14, High Jump 1.55m
Nick O'Brien (Chi) U14, 1500m 4.45.49
Joshua Perdrisat (GG) U18, 400m 49.22
Brandon Richmond-Craig (GG) U15, 100m 11.90
Max Simovic (Chi) U16, Long Jump 6.17m
Oliver Wiltshire (Chi) U15, 2,000m Steeple 6.49.52

Abbey Badrock (Chi) U18, 100m Hurdles 14.56
Grace Bath (Cor) U20, Pole Vault 3.20m
Lily Bayes (GG) U18, 400m 56.17
Georgie Boal (GG) U20, 100m 12.25
Lulu Crowhurst (GG) U15, High Jump 1.60m
Klara Dess (GG) U17, 800m 2.09.89
Abbey Krippl (Chi) U14, 100m 13.02
Abbey Krippl (Chi) U14, Long Jump 4.96m
Crystal Larcombe (Chi) U18, 800m 2.17.10
Mackenzie Mielczarek (Cor) U14, Discus 25.47m
Kasey Parish (Chi) U17, Javelin 36.80m
Alex Tarr (GG) U15, 200m 26.56

MEN BRONZE Medallists
Caleb Morrissy (Chi) U15, 200m Hurdles, 30.87
Liam Mullen (Chi) U16, 100m 11.61
Harvey Murrant (GG) U18, 110 Hurdles 14.98
Harvey Murrant (GG) U18, Long Jump 6.83m
Joshua Perdrisat (GG) U18, 200m 22.42
Hamish Poulter (Chi) U14, 100m 12.80
Hamish Poulter (Chi) U14, long Jump 5.36m
Jacob Sesar (Cor) U18, 100m 11.33
Max Simovic (Chi) U16 Shot Put 12.31m
Euan Spikers (GG) U17, 400m 59.82
Haydn Stutchbury (Chi) U17, High Jump 1.84m

Lily Bayes (GG) U18, 100m 12.39
Heidi Demeo (Chi) U17, 800m 2.11.25
Elizabeth Falkiner (GG) U16, 90m Hurdles 14.10
Elizabeth Falkiner (GG) U16, 200m Hurdles 31.19
Natalya Hall-Dekleva (Chi) U18, 800m 2.17.56
Ruby Pekin-Schlicht (GG) U17, 400m Hurdles 1.08.88
Maya Pundij (Cor) U14, 80m Hurdles 13.61
Maya Pundij (Cor) U14, Long Jump 4.81
Riley Timms (GG) U18 Shot Put 10.25m


The annual Roy Cunliffe Memorial 400m Race was conducted at Landy Field on Saturday 30th January. Roy was a much admired coach and member of Geelong Guild for many years. After his passing Geelong Guild instigated the trophy for this, his favourite event. It is conducted as the final event of the Interclub season each year.

Sean Marshman 50.76, Hamish Nelson 52.09, Mason Spikers 53.71, Lachie McPherson 56.19, Euan Spikers 58.43, David Kenny 61.74

Holly Ryan 1:04.23, Laura Walker 1:06.65, Mikayla Michels 1:08.04, Eliesha Byrt 1:10.67, Kirstie Newcombe 1:17.00

Successful Geelong Athletes at the 2016 Country Championships, Landy Field, 22-24 January

Congratulations to all the successful athletes representing Geelong clubs at the 2016 Country Championships.
Some of the award winners are pictured here.
Some of the Athletics Chilwell athletes with the Ex-Athletes Cup.
Cassidy Bradshaw, Olivia Hobbs, Fleur Smith, Karen Kirby, Bree McLennan, Sian Smith
Back: Olivia Hobbs, Karen Kirby, Oliver Courtnay, Mia Gross, Coreena Van der Klooster, Christian Davis, Bree McLennan, Olivia Richardson, Sian Smith.
Front: Cassidy Bradshaw and Fleur Smith
Oliver Courtnay (Chi) Joyce Lockyer Memorial Trophy, Mia Gross (GG) Stuart Hunter Memorial Shield, Coreena Van der Klooster ( Dkn) Female Australia Day Award, Christian Davis (Cor) Male Australia Day Award

Geelong Athletics Summer Track & Field Athlete Pre-entry requirements (Pre-Entry Form)

All athletes are required to lodge the Pre-entry Form (linked above).

Additional comments
- Events close 45 minutes prior meaning NO more entry forms will be taken for a particular event
- Please fill out one form selecting ALL events
- Please include the time for the running events as this assists with seeding of heats, this will help the athletes to challenge their PB's!
- Please fill out the sheet and place into the respective gender box
- Indicate to the individual at the window if you have indicated participation in a long distance walk/run, hurdle, or a relay event.
- If you need help filling out the form ask the volunteers who are happy to help

Any comments on feedback on the new system, please add them in "extra information" and verbalise it to a volunteer located at the office.

Outstanding performances by Geelong Athletics athletes at Victorian All Schools Championships

Geelong athletes won a total of 49 medals (26 gold, 11 silver, 12 bronze) at the 2015 Victorian All Schools Championships at Albert Park on the weekend of 6th-8th November. Congratulations to the following athletes.

GOLD MEDALLISTS - MEN (in alphabetical order)
Lachlan Barber Under 20, 800m 1.49.30 (World Junior qualifying time).
Hayden Burns Under 14, Pole Vault 2.60m.
Lachlan Burns Under 18, Pole Vault 4.20m.
Oliver Courtnay Under 14, Hammer 52.61m.(Victorian & Victorian Country record)
Oliver Courtnay Under 14, Shot Put 18.03m.(Victorian & Victorian Country record)
Christian Davis Under 17, 800m 1.52.98
Parker Lawrence Under 16, 200m 22.29
Parker Lawrence Under 16, 400m 49.64
Harvey Murrant Under 17, 400m Hurdles 55.25
Cassidy Shaw Under 18, 3,000m 8.48.26
Max Simovic Under 15, Javelin 41.11m
Ned Weatherly Under 18, Hammer 79.34m (Victorian & Victorian Country record)
Ned Weatherly Under 18, Shot Put 18.71m

Eamon Anderson Under 20, 1500m 4.15.07
Liam Mullen Under 15, Long Jump 6.10m
Ben Smith Under 18, 400m 49.80
Mason Spikers Under 18, 110m Hurdles 15.40

Jonathan Burns Under 16, Pole Vault 2.60m
Sam Hoare Under 20, Shot Put 6.03m
Jack Hockley-Samon Under 20, 5,000m 16.34.24
Liam Mullen Under 15, Triple Jump 12.27m
Brandon Richmond-Craig Under 4, 100m 2.23
Brandon Richmond-Craig Under 14, 200m 24.56
Jacob Sesar Under 17, 100m 11.25
Jacob Sesar Under 17, 200m 22.79
Abbey Badrock Under 17, 400m Hurdles 64.60
Grace Bath Under 20, Pole Vault 2.90m
Lily Bayes Under 17, 200m 25.27
Georgie Boal Under 18, 100m 12.31
Georgie Boal, Under 18, 200m 25.94
Lulu Crowhurst Under 14, High Jump 1.55m
Heidi Demeo Under 16, 1500m 4.37.29
Annabelle Dunn Under 15, Triple Jump 10.67m
Mia Gross Under 15, 100m 12.40
Mia Gross Under 15, 200m 25.48
Natalya Hall-Dekleva Under 17, 800m 2.19.24
Lauren Ryan Under 18, 1500m 4.41.73
Jaimee Van Leerdam Under 18, Javelin 38.40m

Lily Bayes Under 17, 100m 12.53
Jade Davie Under 18, 400m 57.13
Heidi Demeo Under 16, 800m 2.28.48
Olivia Gross Under 14, Pole Vault 2.00m
Crystal Larcombe Under 18, 1500m 4.48.94
Lauren Ryan Under 18, 800m 2.14.19
Sarah Williams Under 15, Hammer 42.65m

Abbey Badrock Under 17, 100m Hurdles 14.90
Klara Dess Under 16, 800m 2.14.88
Annabelle Dunn Under 15, Long Jump 5.12m
Sarah Hungerford Under 16, High Jump 1.60m

Swanston St south gate closure during building works

Please note that the normal Swanston St southern entrance gates will be closed during construction of the new equipment sheds.

Access to the car park will from the Swanston St northern gates (normally used for buses). The pedestrian turnstile will be open as normal.

John Landy Field Management Committee

Geelong Athletics 2015 Cross Country Round 14 & Awards Presentation, Sunday 30th August
(Full Results) (Full details & program)
Report by Karen Wekwerth

Round 14 of the 'De Grandi Cycle & Sport' Cross Country season was the final run of the season and was held at Landy Field with a choice of either 3km or 6kms. 27 runners competed in perfect conditions. Overall this has been a great season with numbers improving again on last year. Thank you to all athletes for supporting us again this season to make it a fantastic year. Aaron Bird and Kirstie Newcombe won the overall aggregates for their respective genders.

In the 3km event, Milly Hobbs was the first junior female to complete the course in 14.43 and the first junior male was Samuel Ward in 11.25. The first senior female was Kirstie Newcombe in 13.45 and Bob Blue was the first senior male in 13.01.

In the 6km event, the first junior male was Jaron Hobbs in a time of 26.01. The first senior male was Darren Riviere in 21.28 and Cheryl Boness was the first senior female in 26.34.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, our major sponsor De Grandi Cycle & Sport, Subway, AirODrome, Muffin Break, Goodlife Health Club, Geelong Wool Museum, Mad Mex, Steigen and Kieser Training. Their support is greatly appreciated. We’d also like to thank the volunteers that come along and help every weekend.

Season’s Results
Junior Women – Oliver Hobbs, Sophie Barker, Sian Smith
Open Women – Kirstie Newcombe, Yolanda Russell, Natalya Hall-Dekleva
Veteran Women – Debbie Shelley, Kath Oliver, Tania DeKoning-Ward
Junior Men – Samuel Ward, Hamish Todd, Oliver Wiltshire
Open Men – Aaron Bird, John Bird, Chris Shelley
Veteran Men – Alister Ward, Mark Chalmers, Michael Bird, Michael Panckridge
Overall – Women – Kirsty Newcombe, Debbie Shelley, Kath Oliver
Overall – Men – Aaron Bird, John Bird, Alister Ward
Club Award- Chilwell Athletics

Athletics Chilwell athletes with the Giddings & McKenzie Trophy, as Interclub Winners.
Kirstie Newcombe, Alister Ward, Bob Blue (holding the trophy) Olivia Hobbs, Andy Bruschi
Award Winners -
Olivia Hobbs, Yolanda Russell, Samuel Ward, Kirstie Newcombe, Alister Ward, Debbie Shelley, Bob Blue, Kath Oliver

*****Amended (13/7) times for Hammer Training - July & August*****

Note: Landy Field has a prior booking on Wednesday 12th August from 4.00pm-5.15pm. Unfortunately this means hammer training cannot take place on that day.
Apologies  - John Landy Field Management Committee.

Geelong Athletics 'Steigen'  2015 Road Racing Championships, Deakin University, Waurn Ponds, Sunday 24th May (Full results)
Report by Karen Wekwerth

Note: The season program has been amended to include a run on the 23rd August. Get the new program here.

Round 2 of the 'De Grandi Cycle & Sport' Cross Country season was held at Deakin University incorporating the Geelong Athletics 'Steigen' Road Racing Championships with a choice of either 3km or 6kms. It was great to see 46 participants competing in perfect conditions.

In the 3km event, Oliver Wiltshire was the first junior male to finish in 10.54 and Heidi Demeo was the first junior female to complete the course in 11.00. The first senior male was John Bird in 13.07 and Corrin Demeo was the first senior female in 12.20.

In the 6km event, both Sarah Walker and Lachlan Barber broke their respective age group records. Sarah was the first senior female to complete the course in 21.22 and Lachlan was the first senior male home in 20.13. Kobe Burrell was the first junior to finish in 27.37.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, our major sponsor De Grandi Cycle & Sport, Subway, AirODrome, Muffin Break, Goodlife Health Club and Geelong Wool Museum. Their support is greatly appreciated.

Geelong Athletics 'Steigen' Road Racing Championships Results

U/16 Women – Heidi Demeo – Chilwell – 11.00, Olivia Hobbs – Chilwell – 11.21
U/16 Men – Oliver Wiltshire – Chilwell – 10.54, Tom Hockley-Samon – Chilwell – 11.26, Archer Wiltshire – Chilwell – 11.26
U/20 Women – Corrin Demeo – Chilwell – 12.20, Kirstie Newcombe – Chilwell – 13.20
U/20 Men – Lachlan Barber – Chilwell – 20.13
Open Women – Sarah Waters – Deakin – 21.22
Open Men – Aaron Bird – Chilwell – 23.25
40+ Women – Sue Howell – Chilwell – 25.51, Karen Wekwerth – Geelong Guild – 32.21
40+ Men – Darren Riviere – Deakin – 21.21, Charlie El-Hage – Chilwell – 22.42, Brett Coleman – Chilwell – 24.05


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