RULES FOR TRAINING - Hammer - Javelin - Discus

RULES FOR TRAINING - Hammer - Javelin - Discus

• All athletes using Landy Field for training, and/or their coaches and/or parents if in charge, are liable for any loss damage or liability arising from their activity.
• All activity involving the use of the hammer must be carried out in the cage itself.
• All discus training to be done in the discus only cage

At any time on weekdays but be aware of heavy use periods between 3.30pm and 6.00pm, . and at weekends at any time but be aware of heavy use periods, unless the track and/or field has been hired to others.

When the track and/or field has been hired to others - whether on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis - permission must be obtained from the hirer’s representative before training can commence. Their decision will be final. (A fairly current list of bookings is located in the notice board on the pavilion - use as a guide only)

Netting or other fittings must not be interfered with. Gates must be correctly set for left or right handed hammer throwers, or for discus.

All implements must be sound and suitable for use.
For hammers all windings on the handle must be well cramped to prevent “spurs” and the windings well taped over. Any other condition which could lead to the implement snagging the netting must be protected.

“Caution - throwing in progress” signs must be in position on the infield.

The hammer landing area has become dangerous for officials and others to traverse. Fill divots with sand provided and tamp down. Additional sand supplies will be found at the equipment building.
Where a discus or javelin causes landing area damage, tamp back into position.

Where damage is noted, or any other condition arises which may give rise to accidents or injury, advise the Management Committee immediately, preferably by e-mail.