Geelong Athletics 'McDonald Real Estate' Cross Country 2010 Results


Report by Karen Wekwerth

The final week of the GJ McDonald & Co Real Estate Cross Country run was held at Landy Field. Participants had a choice of 3 or 5kms. Conditions were perfect and a BBQ followed.

First across the line for the junior 3km event for the males was Andon Saplamaev in a time of 12.26 and the first junior female was Montana Jones in a time of 12.47. In the senior event, Tim Anderson was the first across the line in a time of 11.15. Simone Sciarrone was the first senior female with a time of 13.54.

In the 5 km course, the first junior male was first time runner Daniel Kimpton. Cinnamon Lewis Chandler was the first junior female in 33.03. Wayne Veitch was the first male in 19.14. The first senior woman was Sharon Pederson-Jones with a time of 21.28.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors including our major sponsors GJ McDonald & Co Real Estate and Charles Crawford and Sons. Their support is greatly appreciated. Thank you also to Neil Whitmore, Beth Bauer and all the officials for their hard work over the season.

Karen Wekworth & Andon Saplamaev Successful Chilwell athletes

Round 17 Results:
Juniors U16 - 3 km - A. Saplamaev 12.26, M. Jones 12.47, F. Saplamaev 15.53, M. Saplamaev 18.12, T. Wood 23.30

Walkers - 3 km -M. Clough 21.16, A. MacGyver 28.10, J. Lambert 28.17

Seniors - 3 km - T. Anderson 11.15, S. Sciarrone 13.54, C. Shelley 14.39, D. Shelley 14.58, T. Crawford 16.09, A. Shelley 17.17, A. Pigdon 25.09

Juniors U16 - 5 km - D. Kimpton 30.25, B. Graham 30.43, C. Lewis Chandler 33.03

Seniors - 5 km - W. Veitch 19.14, M. Panckridge 21.04, G. Anset 21.31, S. Pederson-Jones 21.38, N. Aniskatis 21.50, C. Aniskatis 22.23, K. Wekwerth 23.21, J. Pyke 24.19, G. McDonald 24.31, P. Anderson 24.32, H. Millar 25.49, N. Bluch 26.33, A. Crawford 27.03, V. Bluch 27.20, A. Bluch 27.22, K. Clancy 28.53, J. Spence 30.51, A. Brocklebank 32.50, J. Lewis 33.33

Spot Prizes
Pakington Bakery - Kim Clancy, Terry Crawford, Alf Bluch, Geelong Bowling Lanes - Montana Jones, Barwon Water Bottle - Anne Brocklebank, Angela Pigdon

Milestone certificates : 100 kms - Andon Saplamaev, Connie Anskatis, Anna Crawford, 1100 kms - Karen Wekwerth

Season Results
Junior Female - Runner up - Madelaine Crawford, Winner - Maria Saplamaev

Junior Male - Runner up - Bevan Shelley, Winner - Andon Saplamaev

Veteran Female - Runner up - Debbie Shelley, Winner - Karen Wekwerth

Veteran Male - Runner up - Michael Panckridge, Winner - Alister Ward

Open Female - Runner up - Nicole Anskaitis, Winner - Rhiannon Spence

Open Male - Draw - Tim Anderson, Christopher Shelley

Club Points Trophy - Chilwell

Female Winter athlete : Karen Wekwerth

Male Winter athlete : Andon Saplamaev